Virtual Reality Architecture

Experience virtual built or un-built buildings as if you were there. Put on the headset and be transported to a new world to explore at a one-to-one scale.

Virtual Reality is a watershed moment in architecture; when people experience a building instead of just seeing pictures of it, they instantly understand.

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Our visulisation services deliver tangible value. Whether it's communicating your building clearly, preventing late-stage changes, winning clients or reducing your development loan through pre-sales.

VR Walk-through

Put on the headset and be teleported into a new world. Walk around the life-size virtual world. Experience VR at its full potential.


Bring VR to your smartphone. With custom made apps you can share your VR experience with anyone.


Explore VR directly in your web browser. Add VR into your website with our web-based products.


Architects, design at a one-to-one scale inside your project. See and experience your designs in the same way people experience real buildings. Understand the spaces, views, materials and light. Identify potential consultant coordination clashes.


Let people experience their new building projects at any stage of the design. Take advantage of a VR presentation to impress clients and win bids.


A powerful tool for property developers to market and sell property long before construction even starts. Save the cost of show houses and drastically reduce initial capital outlay through pre-sales.


Lightscape VR works at a number of different scales and we always customise our service to each client


About Lightscape VR

Lightscape VR is a Cape Town based studio specialising in Virtual Reality architectural visualisation.

Everyone in the built environment stands to gain from VR. Whether you are an architect wanting to experience your design or a developer wanting to sell your new scheme, VR is the most powerful way to experience a building.

Contact us and let us show you how we can bring measurable value to your next project.

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